Thursday, June 9, 2011

White Crackle.

Today I got two China Glaze Crackle Polishes: Lightning Bolt and Cracked Concrete.  Lightning Bolt is a white crackle, and Cracked Concrete is a dark gray.  I haven't tried the Cracked Concrete yet, but this is Lightning Bolt.

Lightning Bolt on my pointer, over two coats of SH Calypso Blue

Yeah, I'm wearing Calypso Blue again.  I really like how vibrant the blue is without being a neon.  I do love neons, though, haha.  The Lightning Bolt crackled very nicely over the blue.  It also dried in no time flat.  In my opinion, it was much better than my OPI Black Shatter.  My bottle of Shatter is pretty old, though, so it's possible that they have improved on the formula since then (or I may have a defective bottle, who knows?).  

In any case, I'm pretty impressed with this Crackle Glaze so far, especially considering it costs $4.99 at Sally's if you have a Beauty Club card.  

And on a side note, did you notice how clean my cuticles are?  :D  Absolutely no cleanup, I was just being OCD during application.  I'm happy with how much cleaner it looks.  :)

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