Saturday, May 28, 2011

Regreeeeet. D:

Today I went to a beauty supply / nail salon store that was nestled in this tiiiiny shopping center.  I wasn't expecting anything amazing, but they had an awesome assortment of Color Club, OPI, and China Glaze polishes.  I'm not so sure about how easy it is to find them on the mainland, but this is the first store in Hawaii that I know carries individual Color Clubs.  The only thing I didn't like about the store was the ridiculously strong (almost unbearable) chemical smell coming from the nail salon area of the store.  Phew, that was really bad.

Anyway, I was pretty happy with what I got, with the exception of one thing ... I didn't get OPI Ink.  :(  I was comparing OPI polishes, as I was only planning to get one, and - texture aside - OPI Ink and Russian Navy looked very similar in the bottle to me.  I ended up getting Russian Navy, but after looking at swatches, I think I should have gotten Ink.  D:  Oh well, I have a bunch of time to revisit the store and get it another time ...

I ended up getting OPI Russian Navy and a bottle of Seche Vite (for only five dollars, considering it's eight dollars at Sally's).  My mom got Color Club Covered in Diamonds.  It's really pretty.  :D

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